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Power Apps (Agile and Immediate Impact)

Most organizations came onto the Office 365 platform for Outlook and Office applications. No more system administration to email server. No more Office installations. Great! However you feel on your return on investment moving to the cloud – one thing is certain – organizations that stop here and call it a day are missing out on the true value of the Office 365 Tenant.

Power Apps represents a collection of services that include Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power BI. Each services provides extensive components to collect and store data, to connect and flow data, notifications, approvals, and finally a services for viewing and analyzing your data. There are plenty of resources online to learn all about these, but the story that gets overlooked is the complete ecosystem. beyond the big three, Office 365 is engineered to allow any aspect of your tenant to access these services. For example, trigger workflows based on an Outlook email subject line. Or, collect data in Microsoft Forms, evaluate data for specific criteria, and route submissions to an internal SharePoint list. And of course the obvious is connect data across hundreds of other cloud apps.

For organizations already embracing D365, SAP, Salesforce – or any other applications – you may be well on the way. However, we’ve found with many of our clients that there are still thousands of processes that are overlooked or not addressed. These range from basic notifications for completed shipment requests, digital signature approval for new packaging, or collection of data from external tools and loading data into SharePoint lists.

In some cases, these solutions may appear complex, but once understood provide a no code/light code solution that once in-place can bring immediate value and relief to over-burdened or email intensive processes.

Power Automate Workflow

These Power Platform products are great for quick wins and provide great value within an organization. And if you need something beyond what these products provide we can develop in the Azure cloud platform.

Contact us today for a free 1-hour consultation. Let’s assess where you are or help get you started on Microsoft Office 365 and Power Platform.