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How are you managing your digital transformation?

Do these sound familiar to you?

  • Is your team struggling to keep track of requests and managing processes via threaded email replies?
  • Are common and critical files still buried within outdated file shares that aren’t easily accessed, searched, or shared with colleagues and clients?
  • Do employees share files with partners, customers, and suppliers using OneDrive, Box, Drop Box, or email without any coordinated standards?
  • Does your company portal exude a sense of order, confidence, and ease of use?
  • Is your organization transitioning to Teams and Groups and having trouble deciding which is right?

Let's get started!

Where to Start?

Placing the customer first, asking right questions, and understanding business priorities is crucial to each engagement. Office 365 can be a puzzle, but a focused approach can ensure your organizations gets the right pieces in place early – ensuring your success.

Remote Work

COVID19 will transform our society and the way companies work. Empowering your employees, increasing user productivity, and promoting business continuity will be key to future success. We’ll help you navigate SharePoint, Groups, and Teams.

Extend Your Investment

Got everything in place? Great! Then let’s make you shine! Let’s get to the good stuff and automate those processes, create those custom competitive solutions in Azure and Power Apps, and build those reporting dashboards in Power BI.
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Feature two
Feature Three

Something about us!

Read what others have said about Chuck and Forte Design!

“Although Chuck was originally brought in to build our Intranet site, it was evident he was able to tackle many other business, collaboration, and information management challenges at Quest. Chuck is self-sufficient and has a knack for understanding, visualizing, and delivering digital solutions.”

“Chuck is an exceptional consultant with the ability to match business process with technical capability. What always impressed me about him was not that he had all the answers, but that he knew to ask the right questions. By identifying the critical business issues, he was always able to help clients implement the best plan to improve their business.”

“Chuck is one of those IT consultants that makes ANYONE look good. He is an expert in SharePoint, and more importantly and expert on being a professional consultant; he does what he says he will do and always delivers on his promises. He represents the top 1% of all software consultants I’ve worked with in the past 5 years and would recommend him without reservation.”

“It has been a pleasure having Chuck build and support our program communication site. He’s technical, but more importantly, he really understands our communication and business requirements. He is willing to work with us every step of the way from our initial content assessment through design and implementation. I continue to recommend Chuck to my peers!”

“We are thrilled with the results and quality of work that Andrew and Chuck delivered! They brought their technical and architectural talents together to complete a complex SharePoint site consolidation. They make a great team.”

Let’s talk

We’ll ask the right questions in order to solve your collaborative business challenges.